About Me

I'm LebCit, a Citizen of a small country called Lebanon in the Middle East. I love to read a lot, learn as much as I can, and of course apply and share with others šŸ˜‰

Once (in 2000) I wanted to make a website, I heired a so called developer who not only stoled me but was also no-good at all ! šŸ˜ 
So, with no knowledge at all in development, I started with Joomla then Drupal and finally felled in love with WordPress šŸ’˜ !
Today Iā€™m a WordPress theme and plugin developer !

A little bit perfectionist, always trying to improve, I'm now diving in Accessibility, SEO, usability over functionality.
This new quest made me take off the highway and go back to the roots : HTML, CSS, JS (Vanilla or Chocolate but not jQuery šŸ¤£).

I've proudly used, Eleventy a simpler static site generator, to bake this site on the classic, solid and clear road !

I'll be talking about it later, so stay tuned !

Note: background image used, work of a talented lebanese artist Ivan DEBS, representing the political situation of Lebanon since 1990...*