JavaScript (3)

Creating a Customizer control with JavaScript

This post is about creating a control, from A to Z, in WordPress Customizer with JavaScript. Did you know that you can create panels, sections and controls in the Customizer with JavaScript ? "The PHP API for their registration is essentially a wrapper for the underlying JS API" as mentioned by Weston Ruter in…

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Clear your local development cache with JS

This post is about clearing your local development cache with JavaScript without a server side language. When we use a server side language to get our changes this is what happens : 1- the Request is made by the browser to the server 2- the Response is sent from the server to the browser…

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Change page title dynamically

This post is about changing the document title when the user leaves your site's tab. A good way to grab the the user's attention is of course to write useful content 😁 Being funny is also a very good strategy to keep users coming back to your blog. A little bit of originality won't…

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