Full Screen Morphing Search Plugin

This post is about my first WordPress plugin, full screen morphing search.

I’m very excited and happy to announce the release (in 2016) of my first plugin ! This plugin is based on the Simple Morphing Search experimental effect created by Mary Lou (Manoela Ilic).

It took me a week of hard work to implement this effect into WordPress. Some CSS rules were added, others slightly modified and some of them completely removed ! The JS is not the same at all ! The original effect is triggered with a function by clicking on a search input. This function relies on another script (classie – class helper functions) to get the job done. I’ve removed them and created a simple JavaScript file that does the same job with 60 lines less code !

I hope that this plugin will be useful for everyone using it. If you try it, don’t be shy and give me your feedback on the repo 🙂