To Node or not ? Deta is the answer !

This post is about exploring Node.js with Deta Cloud.


After getting back to the roots with a static site and working with Node.js on real projects in the static world, I wanted to try it on a server to dive a little bit deeper and understand how it works by itself.

Quest & luck

So, I started to search for a free Node.js hosting and it took me a while, with a lot of chance, to land on an awesome project called Deta. The great developers behind Deta define it as The Cloud for Doers & Dreamers and describe it as the universe's most developer friendly cloud platform. Honestly speaking, I can only confirm those declarations because I've tried some other platforms !

Deta gives you :

  • blazing fast micro servers, called Micros, to get your apps to live.
  • fast, scalable and secure NoSQL database with unlimited storage, called Base.
  • safely encrypted 10GB cloud storage, called Drive.

All of those services are completely and 100% FREE with no catch at all !


The amazing part of Deta is it's simplicity.! One statement on Deta's homepage tells everything about it :

You don't need a degree to use Deta

The Docs are straightforward with simple examples to get you right away on the track. The CLI to manage Micros is crystal clear and dead simple.

Since my first_micro, Deta gave me, and give me everyday, the opportunity to learn, apply, test, deploy and evolve as a developer in many ways.

I was finally able to understand how much power and flexibility a Node.js server can give if configured correctly. I've also been able to work for real with GraphQL without DB adapters/connectors. And so on...

Final word

Deta is, for me, the best Node.js platform you could ever dream of ! Deta is made by great developers with developers concerns in mind ! Deta's spirit reflects the generosity and kindness of it's team who's always there to help !

Thank you Deta 💘