Blog-Doc, the front-end administration !

This post is about the administration page of Blog-Doc.

A front-end administration !

Blog-Doc Administration

If you have ever worked with a CMS (Content Management System), you know that you have an administration part (the back-end) where you can do various operations that will be rendered on the client side (the front-end in the browser).
To my modest knowledge of the most popular CMS, they all share the same logic of a separated administration that you can access through an authentication (login) page.
Blog-Doc's administration is rendered with the app on the front-end, making it more user friendly and simpler to deal with !
I'm already hearing "What ?! An administration on the front-end ?! This is totally crazy !".
Don't freak out ! At the end of the day it's just a route that can be protected !
Blog-Doc's administration is already protected if you use it on Deta Space.
Moreover, if you use Blog-Doc on a personal server, this route can be modified to whatever you like making it harder to guess, unlike well known CMS where you'll have to load plugin(s) / add-on(s) to block the default route and display the administration on another route...
Various authentication methods can be applied to protect a route in Node.js, but if you just want to use Blog-Doc as a local CMS/SSG to generate your static site there is nothing to protect, this is why I didn't implement a default one for now.

Simple and easy

The administration page is pretty easy to understand.

A menu on the left give access to the different routes of the administration :

  • Pages : displays a table of available pages that you can delete or access to update.
  • Posts : displays a table of available posts that you can delete or access to update.
  • New : displays an interface to create a new page or post.
  • Gallery : a gallery to manage (upload/delete) your images.
  • Settings : a form where you can modify the app settings to suit your needs.

A central section with 6 cards redirecting to the same routes as the menu except for the last one that launches the build of a static site from your content and offers you to download the generated site as a zipped folder.

Future ?

So many ideas come to my mind to improve Bog-Doc's administration.
My only and mandatory rule it to keep it as simple as possible.
If you have any suggestion(s)/idea(s) regarding anything about Blog-Doc, please don't hesitate, head over the Discussions, click the 💡Ideas category and hit the green New discussion button.

You can read more about what Blog-Doc has to offer on it's documentation page.